Biography of Velimir Abramović


1952 Born in Belgrade, Serbia
1967 Collection of poems, "Smeop"
1985 Doctoral thesis "The Problem of Continuity in the Natural Philosophy of Leibniz and Boscovich"
1989 Professor of "Film Theory", University of Art, Belgrade
1990 Professor of "Time, Space and Matter Conceptions in natural Sciences", University of Belgrade;
1992 Founder and the editor in chief of Tesliana scientific magazine
2001 Founder of the private philosophical school "Institute for the Science of Time", Barajevo, Serbia
2003 Editor of scientific and philosophical magazine Delphis, Moscow
2004 Member of the Russian Interdisciplinary Temporology Seminar at Lomonosov, state University;
2004 - 2007 Dean of Faculty "Academy of Art", Belgrade
2009 Book on Nikola Tesla "The Light That Never Goes Out"
2010 Founder of the scientific seminar Tesla Cosmological Studies in Belgrade
2011 Russian/Serbian Istitute for The Tesla Cosmological Studies, Belgrade/Moscow (in preparation).
2012 After 36 years of research starting to formulate the theory Foundations of the Science of Time where the main hypothesis is Constant Present as the only time of Phyical reality which mathematical models are Point and Zero. It is following by redefinition of Force and Energy conceptions and proposal for the new experiments leading to temporal control in physical and biological systems as the most desirable result in entire history of Science and Philosophy.
2013 working on Foundations of the Science of Time in forest of Barajevo, located 37 kilometers south of Belgrade.